Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Vila?

Vila is a Daemon, an Imp. She is a trickster with the ability to create portals but the only portals Vila creates are illusions to trick the unseen, the unknown, the unawares.

Vila is only 12 inches tall. She flits in and out of sight and can only be captured by a God. It’s a shame that there’s none of those around isn’t it?

When Josephine and the Alternatives stumble upon Vila’s Forest of Men, Vila thinks that all her anti-Christmas’s have come at once, especially when she see’s Pony. Vila is very interested in “Josephine’s” almost Ghoul and wants her for herself.

Vila isn’t very loyal to her so called friends. She flows on the currents of air when she sees that everything is becoming very risky and positions herself with the winning team, every time. Vila cannot be trusted to stand by your side when things get tough.

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