Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Sue Darlkon?

Sue Darlkon also lives a double life. She’s a little plump compared to her friends, but that in no way means she is fat. She is just perfect.

Sue has an inner shine, but her transformation into her other self, is not the same as it is for Mel.

Sue has long mousey coloured hair that she highlights with blonde tints that brings out the green in her pretty large eyes. She too has known about her abilities since before she could talk. She was born into her other self just as much as she was born into her human form.

When Sue transforms, her eyes become brown and big. Her hair shortens and turns into a deep brown. Her nails lengthen, but they are useful for the great battle she and the girls are about to fight.

Sue has a boyfriend named Colin and WOW are they hot together, Josephine thought about a cold shower, for many reasons, but especially when she saw the way Colin kissed Sue goodbye.

Part of Jo wanted to look away, but the other part still searching for love told her to, ‘Fuck off, I’m livin vicariously through… Them!’

Sue and Colin are the same, but different and they are great warriors who fight at Josephine’s side in the great battles to come.

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