Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Queen Amatheia?

Queen Amatheia is the Mermaid queen adored by many of the water folk and lives a tranquil life caring for her subjects through fresh and salted.

Tonight Queen Amatheia was perched atop a mound of rock and twig crafted for her by her adoring fresh water subjects for her throne as Amatheia nightly swims in and talks with them.

But this night, something odd has happened. And while I cannot put the entire blame on Josephine and the Alternatives, I’m pretty sure they have played a part in it.

Known by all the royals of the unseen, Queen Amatheia also knows all the royals with just a look. Tonight she finds herself captured by a God, or monster, she recognises both within the creature holding her to ransom.

All hope appeared to be lost as the monster claimed Queen Amatheia for himself. The water folk were in a panic, they wanted to run, but did not want to leave their queen as they are fiercely protective of her as she is towards them.

But hope was not lost. Hope arrived and just in the nick of time down at the Yaksi Waterside Park.

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