Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Pony Achress?

Pony Achress is an awkward young woman who loves her friends so much, that when she died, they were the first people she started to kidnap.

Until her death, Pony also worked and played with Jo and the girls, but one day she caught the eye of Horse. Horse was a Ghoul. He fell head over heels in love with Pony from the moment he saw her standing next to Jo in a local club one night.

He long red hair draped down past her waist. She was his six foot, five inch Goddess and he desperately wanted to meet her.

Horse, no other name, never found an opening until he was asked by some very powerful “people” to keep an eye on “Josephine” when they could not.

He and his Ghoul mates, who look just like any other person, only with superior strength and lust for human flesh, found that he could count on a tipsy “Josephine” for the introduction.

When Pony’s eyes met Horse’s, it was love at first sight. Jo gave Horse a hard time, offering the Pony up for rides and such, but he didn’t care. Finally he and his love could be together. Horse thought he would thank “Josephine” later.

Pony leaves the club with Horse after he made sure that his Ghoul mates would keep an eye on “Josephine.” That was the last time either of them were seen alive.

But as all good love stories go, Horse gave his life to save Pony’s. But he also gave of himself in the hopes that Pony could live on.

Sure, he could’ve pulled out, but if every bloke adhered to that rule, then there wouldn’t be little “thems” running around all over the place now, would there?

Pony loves Jo most of all. She becomes instrumental to Jo‘s safety.

When all others had been bewitched, Pony saved Jo.

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