Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Mel Karchovc?

Mel Karchovc is a beautiful individual. Her beauty comes from within. She’s very pretty, but add that inner shine, and she outshines all her friends every time. This doesn’t bother her friends, they are all very confident, happy young women… except for Kaz that is.

Though Mel has a secret.

She’s known about her heritage from a very young age, because she had to be trained to control her secret. She, like Ann and Deb, was born into a very special family.

Mel has two forms:

Her normal flaming Aurban hair and hazel eyes, with their long luxurious lashes and her full, shapely lips. Jo swears she has red flecks in those almost green hazel eyes of hers. But no-one else seems to see them.

Then Mel’s other form, well hidden from most of the girls, transforms her into the most beautiful woman you could ever hope to see in your life. Her hair transforms into a shining white. It becomes extremely long and she has to wrap it around her waist so she doesn’t fall over it. Those red specks that Jo sees, become more prominent, pushing the green of her hazel to the background.

Humans need to be dis-enamoured when Mel transforms, otherwise they literally fall over themselves from her “moon and stars shining in their eyes” blubbering compliments and actions towards her.

It’s an interesting scene when Jo finally meets Mel’s true self.

Mel is also a vital warrior in the great battle to come.

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