Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Kaz Silverton?

Kaz Silverton is the angriest person Jo has ever met, but she’s her friend.

Kaz doesn’t go in for all that grooming nonsense. She has untamed frizzy black hair that she rubs oils through. The girls aren’t even sure if she uses shampoo and conditioner at all. She never gets her hair, nails and teeth done, nor does she like to shop.

This distresses her friends to the point of them physically assisting her with her clothes shopping because although Kaz accompanies the girls everywhere they go, she never really participates.

For Jo, Kaz is hilarious to have around. ‘If we’re looking for a snide remark or an angry outburst, we just look to Kaz. She comes through every time. Just last week she walked past Mike the office boy and said, ‘Go fuck yourself,’ just for offering her, her mail.’

Most of the girls love her, even though she’s a prickly bitch. It’s part of why they love her.

Del however, can’t really stand Kaz. There’s just something about her that doesn’t sit right in the pit of her stomach. The last time she saw Kaz, she asked her to accompany her on a double date.

Del complained to Sue, ‘I don’t even really like Kaz. I’m not sure if I’ll go… No, Maybe I will. I’ll show up without a date and be a real third wheel. She might never ask me again. What’da ya reckon Sue?’

Sue just listened and laughed and went along for the show. It was worth it.

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