Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Josephine Marlin?

Pre story…

Josephine Marlin comes from an extremely prominent family who owns several fortune 500 companies across Australia and the world. Josephine’s family is based in New South Wales (NSW). Although she comes from old money, she is very well grounded and lives a normal 20 something lifestyle.

Known as Josephine to her father… and other… people… of high standing, she is just “Jo” to her friends.

She has seven of the greatest friends she could ever hope to know. Each of her girl friends comes from a variety of multi cultural backgrounds, and like Jo, they are all environmentally conscious. Choosing to save their immediate environments at every opportunity.

Jo’s natural look is fresh and beautiful, her hair is loose and curly, long and blondish red, but she has it  straightened at every opportunity. She has been told that her heritage is Irish and only knows that much because each Christmas, daddy, after a couple of Whiskeys says, ‘You’ve links to Saxon Royalty Josephine, you remember that.’


Then mum would butt in rather quickly and say, ‘You know your father Josephine, he just needs to sleep it off. It’s his once a year day. Don’t you worry about anything, Chad will get him off to bed (Chad is daddy’s man servant).’

Once “daddy” has been put to bed, Jo makes her way to the annual Christmas get together with her best friend’s over at Ann and Deb’s parents house. They’re Greek and their Christmas parties are something to behold.

The girls have know each other since pre, and primary school. They hung out together all through high school, partied together every weekend at some of the best pubs and clubs NSW’s has to offer, and they all work together in the same building. Each day is filled with “emergency conferences” and long lunch breaks (It takes a bit of time to get their hair, nails and teeth preened).

Each night they meet at either Jo’s inner city flat, or at Ann and Deb’s suburban house, bought for them by their family to keep them safe. Their parents live next door.

Jo lazes around with her friends sharing a bottle of Shiraz, the good stuff of course, and once cook leaves, they make themselves popcorn in the microwave. Then they settle back, content in each other’s company and watch Revenge of the Bridesmaids.. again.., then they either go home to their own flats or houses, or they simply go to sleep on one of the king sized beds they each have.

As this is usual for the girls, they all share clothes and accessories and leave some of their toothbrushes and other essentials at each other’s places of residence.

Jo’s days, and nights, are about to change though. After tonight, the world for Josephine Marlin will never be the same again.

War, betrayal and love awaits Josephine.

She is being hunted by unknown forces and for some reason, she is humanities only hope.

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