Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Del Sirenia?

Del Sirenia has short dark, wavy hair and legs that go on for days. Her dark eyes have a shine to them that sometimes catches in the light, be it moon or sun, and blinds Jo for a few seconds every now and again.

Again, no-one but Jo seems to notice.

Del has another form, but until the skirmishes of this night, she is unaware of it, and it will take some time for her to take back control of her life, of herself.

It’s scary love at first sight story for King Pavitral, who tells Del that he will wait for her, and will not allow himself in her company until she has mastered control over her powers. He could, but will not take advantage of her in her current state.

The King pulls together his forces to fight by his side in the great battle, for the good of humanity and for love.

The great battle becomes the great equaliser.

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