Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives


Hello everyone,

I am still here, typing away, and by the way I’m going, once the three parts to book one are finally completed, the book will be more than 200,000 words in length. I’ve cracked the 65,500 mark for part one, with a new ending chapter required, that I am writing tomorrow.

Who would have thought this editing lark would take so long!

I’m learning as I go along and I apologise for taking so long to get Josephine Marlin published, but I would hate for you to buy the book only to find I can’t spell, have no idea how to punctuate, and what the hell is that structure thing people keep talking about???

I’ll maybe even try and put a podcast together tomorrow seeing as I haven’t put one together since last year  or I might just sing for you and take a photo… yes! that seems easier lol


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