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Theodora’s Trial – Chapter 38 Origins

Theodora’s Trial – Chapter 38 Origins

What a day #Theodora was having. Her #Portal got knocked of course, she had to face a #Chimera #Hera had sent to try to take her life, although immortal, Theo now has a limited shelf life once she became pregnant.

Every time she peed, she’d hear more of #HomersIliad than she cared to hear, but Brain was adamant. She was attacked by the #Strix #Polyphonte #Agrios #Oreios and caught up with #Alectryon and now rides on the back of #Areion the divinely bred, swiftest immortal horse.

Theo took a quick trip to the #Rim after a #Nephele appeared with #Themis’s sword of justice, and time in the #LifeGrove moved differently than anywhere else. One day could be three, or five, maybe even a month!
Who can tell?
Theo’s maternity pants!

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