Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Sue and Colin – Deleted Scene

I apologise to you all. It has taken a little longer to edit Josephine Marlin and the Alternatives, book 1, part 1.

Read below for a deleted scene

I haven’t been online because I have been working night and day to get it completed to a high standard.

It’s all a learning process and after part 1 of book 1 has been completed, I already have parts 2 & 3 ready, and intend to work on them solidly for a month each to ensure they too are of a high standard.
I am so excited about the story, I am finding myself full of anticipation getting to the end chapters again for editing, and I already know how it ends lol

Sue and Colin deleted scene

Sue smiled and said, ‘You can tell me anything Jo. Hang on a minute.’

‘What are you doin Sue? We’ve got a bike full of crazy, are you sure you want to jump on that ride?’

Sue smiled and said, ‘You bet.’

Then she walked Collin back to his car. They spoke for a few moments then he leaned in and gave Sue the sweetest, sexiest kiss I’ve seen in a long while.

I longingly watched Collin’s hands wander sensuously over her back, feeling their way down along the contours of her body. He gently squeezed both her butt cheeks before trailing his hands up to the small of her back. He held her to him for a few seconds, and his left hand gently caressed her face as he bought his right hand up tracing his fingers along her spine, drawing a path that led up under her long dark hair, where he finally reached the back of her neck. Cupping it, he pulled her tight into him.

I felt a chill run up my spine as I continued to watch. I was transfixed, I wanted to look away, but I could see the untangled movement of his touch through the length of her hair, lift and sway as his hand lovingly moved around the back of her neck. And for a moment, I could feel the warmth of his hand softly stroking the length of my neck, the press of his lips, warm and moist against my own and as he pulled Sue tight into his body, I felt every inch of that too.

‘Damn if I didn’t need a cold shower after that.’

They untangled after that long, slow, sexy kiss, his hand still had hers as she began to walk from the car. Reaching the end of their entwined fingers, Sue looked back at him, and within seconds she was back in his arms for one more of those delicious kisses.

Finally, Collin got into his car and left. As Sue walked back to where I was composing myself, I pondered the lack of my love life while I was relived Sue’s.

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