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Samantha and Chaz – Deleted scene G15

‘Alright,’ I whispered, ‘We’re going now.’

We quietly coasted down along a white sandy track and as we entered a small clearing, I could see six cars. All with steaming windows and all requiring a, ‘If it’s a rockin, don’t bother knockin,’ sticker on them.

I said, Deb you dog, who’d ya come here with hey? But she was being a little too guarded about who it was, until, that is, we reached the end of the road and Ann shouted, ‘You prick!’

I know she wasn’t talkin to me, or anyone else on the bike, until I heard, ‘What a wanker,’ come from Deb’s mouth.

As I looked over, I saw Ann’s boyfriends truck, pulled up and steamed up.

‘He better have leant his truck to one of his mates,’ Ann said as she jumped off of the handlebars and made a bee line for it.

Taking a few seconds before running after her, I warned Deb, ‘Please remember what I told you about Ann, about bodies dropping. You don’t want to be one. Don’t say a word about Chaz and yourself. Got it?’

‘Ooo Yep, got it Jo.’

I jumped off the bike, and ran over to Chaz’s truck. Ann had already ripped the door from its hinges, it was leaning up against the back wheel of a car, three cars over. When I got there, Ann was pulling on some girls leg. Growling, ‘Samantha, is that you? Samantha? With my boyfriend?’

‘Oh shit, not Samantha.’ I thought, ‘Well I suppose we’ve been riding a bike for a few hours… why not Chaz too… though it would be more like minutes with him. I never knew what Ann saw in him. He’s lazy and a scam artist.  Now Deb’s dipped her trust fund into the Chaz currency converter. I don’t understand it.’

Ann had finally pulled Samantha out of the truck. I tried to assist… someone, anyone just to break it up, but Ann had had a bit of a day and War God or not, I wouldn’t want to mess with her right now.

She went for her despatulator, but I grabbed it from her. ‘Hit her if you must,’ I said, ‘Give him a walloping too, but the despatulator stays with me.’

‘What? I can be intimidating if i need to be.’

Ann didn’t threaten this time, she took Samantha by the throat, lifted her off of the ground with just one hand, then punched her so hard in the nose, that I got splattered with blood. She gave Samantha another few wacks, when Chaz came around the back of the truck saying, ‘It didn’t mean anything sweetie, you know I love only you, tha Chaz man is all for you baby, you know that!’

Ann threw Samantha to the ground. I’m pretty sure I heard a bone, or two break through the screaming and crying. She walked down to Chaz, put her right hand up and gently brushed the left side of his face.

Now, I had seen enough today to know that this was not going to end well for Chaz. I took a step back. I didn’t want his blood on me too. Ann had a big smile on her face. Chaz kept talking as he normally did, and he was under the impression that Ann was falling for his lies again, I could see it in his eyes. She ran her hand down along the contours of his throat, then, with the index finger and thumb of her right hand, she took hold of his windpipe. That shut him up for a moment until she raised her left hand so quickly, that it wasn’t until his piercing screams squeezed out through his crushed windpipe, that I saw Ann had him by the balls.

Wincing, I tried to think of something to say that would calm Ann down, but truthfully, I thought that the fucker had it coming, so I stood back and watched. I mean really, what could I do to stop a god?

Ann lifted Chaz over her head, still holding him by the balls with one hand, and the windpipe with her other, she threw him a good 20 feet from the rear end of the truck. I heard someone talking above the sickening blow of Chaz’s body as it connected with a concrete pylon that edged the park.

‘Where’s Pony?’ I called out in an attempt to make sure she didn’t see Chaz as an all you can eat buffet.

The couple from the car that had Chaz’s door thrown at it were standing outside at this point, and I was about to apologise for the ruckus, you know, ‘Nothing to see here,’ kind of thing, when I recognised the girl.

‘Sue? Is that you Sue?’ I asked.

‘Jo?’ came the happy reply.

‘Oh yes it is, it’s really good to see you, how have you been? And who’s your friend? Hi I’m Jo?’ I said, kinda gushingly actually, then I began to feel a little embarrassed and I stepped back.

‘Oh Jo, this is Collin,’  Sue giggled. ‘An old friend you might say.’

‘Nothing wrong with friends with benefits Sue, more power to ya.’ I say.

‘So, was that Ann I just saw annihilating Chaz?’ she asked.

‘Oh yeah, Samantha too, well there’s been some… but I’ll tell you about it later, when you’re not with… your friend, Ok?’

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