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Origins Update – The Dryad

After eight sexless months, #Theodora was at the #life grove. She’d called forth the spear of #Achilles — the least threatening weapon in her armory. In her search for the life #Tree — #Theo wondered if she was looking for the intertwining trees of #Baucis and #Philemon — #guardians of the temple at the foot of #Olympus

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#Humans were formed from #Ash and #Oak Theo surmised and was about to reveal her bounty, but stopped just in time. The grove captured her in its thrall. If she chooses the wrong tree it would be fatal for the worlds, then Achilles spear was ripped from her hands. After a brief search, she found #Kronus ’s #Scythe gifted by #Gaia a suitable replacement. #Brain informed Theo that to get the #Spear back, it had to be gifted to her by the Ash.

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