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Origins Update 9

Origins Update – this is where it gets murky. If I say too much, I give all away, so instead in riddles did I say, what it was I worked on today.

A #secret was revealed.
A plan devised.
Did it phase my intrepid hero?
No not mine!

In silence they wept
In sleep they cried
For those who fought
and died,
for the worlds to remain in light.

#Vila had a problem
One she thought would slay
The night, and the day
‘Til help did hearth
Her cold blue heart
And took her pain away–almost.

#Athena saw blood
Red through skies
Deep hue lies thought hidden
From prying eyes.

#Theodora called her on it
#Athena could not deny
#Vila ‘s truth ridden lies
As they said goodbye, in time
maybe next, but not mine
Shall they meet in murky, covered hides.

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