Greek Mythology Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Origins Update – 6001

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Origins Update – 6001

I’ve just completed chapter 30, Fighting #Madness It’s one of my favorite chapters. There’s talk of the #Titans #Gaia #Hermes #PocketDimensions #Portals the #GoldAppleTree and the introduction of a new enemy that is introduced in Book Two: A Friend in Deed. We meet the #ThreeEveningDaughters of #Nyx make an agreement and discuss #Theodora’s lack of a sex life. Of course #Brain has to always put his two bobs worth in and he gets snippier, more sarcastic in the #Origins story, because they have shared 6000 years together. She’s a #warrior unparalleled by any other and #Josephine will be something more than her mother. It’s so exciting.

Oh! I have hit the 100,000 word mark and there are 10+ chapters to work through yet.

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