Greek Mythology Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Origins update 3000

Oh Dear, what a thing it is to become human, from a powerful, almighty goddess who now cries at the drop of a hat, we can’t have that.
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#Athena and #Theodora find they have been set up, stolen from and spied upon, by a goddess with a knack for attacks against those weaker than she. Having endured the #Empusa episode, and gods narration of it of course, the ladies have put their heads together. Two friends and an #imp whose life sits in the hand of Athena, and should said imp break the pact they have made together… well the things Athena would like to do to it, would happen slowly and deliberately to exact as much pain as is possible should the imp renege.
With all that going on, the gods are arriving to witness the ritual of conception (How ever will Theodora’s world handle such an onslaught of activity?), with one of the main participants locked away in a sound proof room, weeping over Tim Tams and cool drink

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