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#Origins update – 107,000 words

#Origins update – 107,000 words. My partner told me it would be a 120,000-word manuscript, to which I said, ‘No, maybe 110,000.’

He was write. He he he

I’ve expanded a couple of chapters with more action by torturing poor pregnant #Theodora and I’m coming into the final chapters where I want you on the edge of your seat, so there’s easily another 13000 words.

She’s already been in the grove for three days, or is that three weeks? She can’t stay much longer and #Brains gone, he’s been eaten away … by time, venom… or acid… who can tell?

Theo was feeling pretty armless and a little legless when I left her bound up in a dimensional pocket for the night. She was thankful for small mercies by that point.

‘I’ll take what I can get,’ is what she said.

That’s what I heard anyway!

Josephine’s doing well, no need to panic there… just yet and I’m sure Brain’s okay… and maybe he isn’t? I’ll think about it over dinner.

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