Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

New book cover

Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives will be released mid December, 2017.

Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives is an urban fantasy adventure.

Josephine Marlin has been carefully protected from the truth her entire life. Hidden in plain sight, Josephine has been cloaked with an illusion of control over her own life. As with all good plans, this one eventually reveals its flaw when Pony is made Ghoul. Full of humour and good times, Josephine tries to weave a path around the Supernatural and Paranormal events, and critters intent on barring her way.

It’s a race against the clock.

With the help of the Alternatives, is Josephine able to forge a new path to save a friend in need?

Do they win the battles of the night?

Will Josephine ever give in to Jason’s old world charms?


This the new book cover for:

Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives

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