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I am a Mixed Media Artist and Novelist. My current project is #TheGothicGuild and I am author of the Fields of Elysian series, Josephine Marlin which is unavailable at the moment as it is getting a re-write.The three Origins novels will be completed for publication in 2020, as will the first three novels of Josephine Marlin.

Window to the Worlds

My newsletter subscribers will begin to receive, weekly in 2020, the Horse and Pony Show serial on #SerialWednesday. It will be available in ebook format once it has been edited. All serials are composed to deepen the understanding of the characters in the Fields of Elysian series.

Josephine Marlin’s website:

The Alternatives.

The Fields of Elysian:

My short experimental film, and digital story, Jerrymanders:

#JosephineMarlin is an introduction book to the world and creatures I have created for The Fields of Elysian. It is also my first novel. I have a book of poetry, and a book of short stories available. I even published (no-longer available), more for my own records, a book of my university papers, but Josephine Marlin is something new.

Josephine Marlin is the descendant of a great woman, and those who surround her are #weres, #shifters, #crones, #gods, #witches, #seers, #Fae etc.The goddess #Athena is bonded to her lineage, but all are unaware of who she is. Even the gods. Naturals and Fae only know they have an overwhelming urge to both follow and protect Josephine, but she is something more than her ancestors, and with that, she is gifted something more to walk at her side.

For my latest updates you can follow my adventures on Twitter: #KarenEastland If your excited about the worlds I am creating, please sign up to my newsletter. You can sign up with the link below:

Welcome to my curiosities

Karen Eastland

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