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Mavis – Origins update

Mavis, Cook, returned from another ‘surprise, you’re goin’ on a cruise,’ holiday, to find things were definitely not how she’d left them, and I’d say it’s not a surprise to anyone, other than Mavis, that #Theodora was pregnant *reveal!* lol

Mavis and #Athena have a good relationship, Athena annoys the hell out of her, and Mavis retaliates, if she only knew whose hand she’d smacked that morning. #Miriam and #Vila popped in for a bit fun, hilarity and disappointment (Vila)

Now Mavis is out hooning around in Theo’s Jeep, while Miriam, Athena and I talk about decoctions, conjuring’s and other bits of naughtiness to keep the #Furies at bay.

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