Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is King Pybba Pavitral?

King Pavitral is ruler to one of many suites watching over Josephine  and although he has seen Del before the night of the battle, that night  he truly sees her soul.

In his human form he is known as Mark.

So  drawn to Delequin is the young King, that in making the pact with  Delequin to not be anywhere near her as she gains control of her new  normal, has been the hardest thing he has had to proclaim in his very  recent, and sad rise to the throne.

Pavitral’s father passed  just last week and he is still coming to terms with his loss and the  enormity of the new powers he has been given. If not for the strength of  Delequin’s pull, his nights and days would be filled with the grief he  is still coming to grips with.

His thoughts of Del, and the  comfort he imagines to be encased within the beauty of her inner shine,  has him wondering if he will survive the madness of his decision.

He  comforts himself with the knowledge that in making his decision to stay  away, has most certainly lengthened his life because until Del becomes,  she is a danger to every creature, human or suite.

‘I just  hope that Josephine and her friends are caring for her during this  time,’ he thinks to himself, ‘Mel should know what to do and I have seen  how fiercely protective they are of each other. No, my sweet Delequin  will be safe, as to will every living thing within a hundred mile radius  of her pull.’

What could he be talking about?

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