Greek Mythology Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

#JosephineMarlin #Origins edit snippet

Todays peek-a-boo edit update. The gods have arrived and its given many a bad hair day. Athêna appeared to take it in her stride though.

Coming very Soon
#JosephineMarlin #Origins edit snippet
“‘Oo, Orgies,’ Athêna said as she switched the television back on. ‘I’ve not had a good orgy since the early days—’
I looked at her and she was transfixed and still had that smile.
‘A couple are coming from the other worlds,’ Athêna said and switched the television off. I guessed it must have shifted from orgies to tsunamis, ‘but I think the worst of it is over. It’s always the aftermath—’
‘—Will this happen for the creation ritual, when I give birth, and when the mantle is being passed?’ I asked Eros.”
You can get Book One: A Friend in Need here
I’ll be moving on to book two in the days after Origins has been released.

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