Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Josephine Marlin – Release date

The Novel Josephine Marlin and the Alternatives will be available mid December.

I’m on the downhill run with a release date being the 16th of December. I have begun to receive feedback from the editor, and I begin the final edit today. I’ll make a podcast to keep you up to date with my editing process.

My #Kickstarter campaign is in the last 5 day days If you are interested in assisting in any way, I would be most appreciative. Kindest Karen

I’m originally from Perth, Western Australia, now I’m living happily in Tasmania with what many refer to now as, many ‘Fur babies.’ They were more affectionately known as ‘Take that back,’ or ‘put that outside,’ when I was a girl. Oh well, times change… for the better.

There are 16 day’s left on my #Pozibles campaign for a startup:

If my #Pozibles campaign takes off. The next Josephine Marlin will be sent to a professional editor before publishing taking some of the pressure off me:

This is the Website for The Alternatives. 
The series website is The Fields of Elysian

The Alternatives is an introduction book to the world, and creatures, I am creating for The Fields of Elysian.

This is my Official Website

To follow my adventures on Facebook: @AuthorKarenEastland or Twitter @KarenEastland

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