Josephine Marlin: Book One to be Re-written

Hello everyone,

I have unpublished the Josephine Marlin, Fields of Elysium series. I will see out this year by completing my master’s dissertation. Next year I will write the three novels for Book One: A Friend in Need, and the three novels of Josephine Marlin: Origins.

I intend to take a couple of years off studying to write, but may work towards a PhD in the years after. When I complete my Masters, I will be a Master of Letter’s. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve almost completed the creative part of the dissertation, and the next few months will be the research section. I have been world building for my creative artefact as some of you already know. It’s not something I’ve written before.

It’s an interview process for creative’s (at the website) and takes a dark turn (where it sits now), but I’ve been writing a short story and when the website and story, plus a couple of extra surprises, mesh, an entirely different story emerges.

If you’d like to see what I’ve done with the website thus far, you can follow this link

Kindest regards,
Karen Eastland

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