Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives is here!

Two will die. Four will rise. Are they our only hope?

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my entire life was upended. I found myself in a race against time to save a friend, and damn it if someone wasn’t trying to kill me as well.

I’m Josephine Marlin, and today I woke up in a dark, wet, smelly room. I had no freakin’ clue where I was but knew someone else was locked up with me. They weren’t talking, though they cried a lot, and damn did my head hurt.

Brain was absolutely no help and the next thing I knew, my friends started to change into… well let’s just say this year’s Christmas party will not lack intrigue, nor an abundance of Laurel wreaths.


Josephine Marlin’s powers are forced into existence earlier than foretold, when an act of despair heralds a new generation of formidable warriors, who will confront the coming darkness.

They are the protectors of hope and leaders of humanity.

They are: Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives

Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives is the first in a series of Australian epic, urban fantasy adventure books, littered with mythological, supernatural and paranormal events, creatures, people and hunters.

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