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Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives – Get it now!

New story’s in the Josephine Marlin world are being made available. Shortly, Josephine Marlin: Origins will be available for purchase, but first a reveal!

Josephine Marlin is the descendant of Pandora. It is why her birth is such a mammoth task, as Origins will show. Those who surround her are weres, shifters, crones, gods, witches, seers, Fae etc.

The goddess Athena is bonded to her lineage, but ALL are unaware who she is, they only know they have an overwhelming urge to both follow and protect Josephine, but Josephine is something more than her ancestors and with that, she is gifted something more to walk by her side.

She is Andoré, daughter of Pandora, but at the same time, she is the embodiment of the first, and forever, Pandora.

Knowing what happens in Book One: A Friend in Need makes Origins more of a revelation to the senses. The Transference Ritual was composed to accompany Origins and the outline for the Ritual was to shine a light on the myths of the Greek gods within the context of the fantasy genre used in the novel. It contains elements of the supernatural and paranormal with each prose poem being daringly experimental.

The Book is a series of poems that leads to the creation of a mystical character known as the Bearer. I have used the creation of the universe as a birth metaphor to describe the emergence of that character into Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives.

The Transference Ritual is an esoteric transformational journey that uses the visionary fiction genre to relate the story of creation, based around Greek mythological and metaphysical themes; Athena, Pandora, Aphrodite, Aite, the Furies, Eros, Are’s and many more take part. In fact, all the Greek gods take part.

Each poem is set in the urban environment of a fantasy world to ensure that real-world elements seamlessly mesh with that world. Supernatural elements have been incorporated to create rituals that explore the main creation theme of the book. Each poem allows the reader to willingly suspend their disbelief, and each poem, like the novels, has supernatural and magical elements set in a contemporary, real-world, urban setting.


Available on the 2nd of November

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