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This is one for the girls. It is an urban, epic fantasy adventure that also draws on Greek mythology.

Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives is a story based around the Greek gods and goddesses, but also incorporates suites, monsters, immortals, the ancients, and places them in the present day, in this world… because there are many worlds in the Fields of Elysian series. It begins from a position of hopelessness and takes the girls on a trip that has many surprises along the way to their journeys of power.

I’m a discovery writer. I sit at my computer and just write. I don’t get writers block, but I do get excited as I write, because I’m reading something I didn’t even know was in me, for the first time. I’ve read book one so many times, that I want to read it again. This is what I want to share with the world.

The Origins story uses tales and adventures, by hero’s, gods, goddesses and others, but it also incorporates those tales of despair by including the mythologies surrounding the never ending Greek myths. I use some obscure gods, forgotten monsters and mischievous demons. I even have a Siren Mermaid, a conception ritual based on the tales of Greek myth and other rituals I’ve had to create. I’ve researched phases of the moon for the best year and time for Josephine’s birth in the origins book.

I think my novels will add to knowledge by instilling a desire in teenage girls, between the ages of 13-25, to want to know more about the Greek Myths. They are exciting. The origin’s story also gives a brief nod to the Norse gods. It’s not an introduction, it’s brief and its funny! I use humour a lot and I break the fourth wall with ease and quite often.

As I’ve said, book one is out there: Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives: Book One: A Friend in Need (Fields of Elysian 1) Kindle Edition you can take a look and see if you like it.

I’ve created a website for Josephine and the girls. It is light on with content at the moment, but I’ll be making daily updates during the writing process. If your a girl who loves the story, I will be offering six parts to backers to play out in comments, and travel experiences and other things at the website. It will be as if you are one of the girls speaking.

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