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Hermes – The Greek Messenger God: Myths, Facts, Symbols, Children

Hermes – The Greek Messenger God: Myths, Facts, Symbols, Children by Insightstate

Find out cool facts, myth, symbols, children, powers of the Greek God Hermes. Interesting fact about Hermes Greek God: He was the son of Maia (a nymph) and Zeus (the king of the gods) and he was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene.

He is considered the patron and protector of herdsmen, thieves,  travelers, orators and wit, athletics and sports, literature and poets, invention and trade. As the god of the art of fighting, he is a patron of gymnastics. He was in the inventor of number and alphabets. Both gods and humans liked and trusted him.

He was the only one other than Hades and Persephone who was allowed to leave the underworld without problems. Whenever the gods wanted to send messages to mortals, they gave the job to him. Hermes myths In the Pandora myth, Hermes granted her the ability to seduce and lie in her words when the gods gave her the trait. Hermes’ first crime was to steal cattle from the god Apollo.

The Greek Messenger God – Hermes children Hermes son Pan was also the son of the nymph Dryope. Pan resembled a goat at birth and his mother fled. One of Hermes’ sons, Abderus, was a close friend of Hercules before meeting his death at the hands of the Mares of Diomedes.

Symbol of Hermes His caduceus (a staff entwined by snakes) helped him to charm the gods and gain access to all locations around the world. He wore winged sandals (which gave him super speed) and occasionally a winged cap.

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