Greek Mythology Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Appeasing the Guardians – Origins update

Today #Theodora had all ready appeased the #guardians met the #GraeaeSisters and #Gaia’s #Titans the #Meliae

#Brain was getting on her last nerve and she remembered why she didn’t like being alone after his taunts, sulking and misbehaving like a five year old child. He does it deliberately you know!

Theo didn’t know how she’d get home and recalled an obscure mention about the use of Hermes armour, in one of her mothers letters in the book she left with #Athena , The Transference #Ritual, but she’d all ready tried that and had been drawn into madness’ web, but desperate times and all that…

Will Theo make it home in time to conceive the new Bearer, #JosephineMarlin ?

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