Jerrymanders Interactive Website

Jerrymanders is something new.

Jerrymanders is a digital story that uses interactive media (ie. audio, video, images and written material) to tell a story. The website provides background information to assist in understanding the video.

The main character is Jerry Warren. Jerry Warren, The Jazzman, is a psychologically damaged returned service man. He lives in his fathers old car near the lot where his family’s home used to stand before he burnt it down. The Old Warren Place is one of Reachville’s urban legends used by local children to scare each other. Jerry witnessed a serial killer burying a victim and became fixated on Him, who he named Valiant Man. Jerry continues finding Valiant Man’s victims and thinks it’s a game they are playing. Jerry believes that in digging up His victims, he is saving them.

Jerry’s found holding one of Valiant Man’s victims by two local youths, Todd and Stew. Jerry calls them Toddlystew. Toddlystew are drug addicts who break into homes and steal valuables. After finding Jerry with a victim they think he is Little Finger and run off to report him to the police.

While waiting for the police at a local petrol station they encounter Craven Looney. She is a depressed journalist writing for the Reachville Community News Online. Looney is the one who named the serial killer Little Finger.

The local police investigation is led by Detective Sergeant Groves.

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