Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who are Ann and Deb Katsaros?

Ann and Deb Katsaros are twins from a deeply rooted Greek family, who Jo believes was probably on the same ship as her great grandparents sailing to new lands.

Deb and Ann are beautiful with long and full chestnut brown hair and pretty almond shaped dark brown eyes, and they are identical. Their heritage stories handed down from their mother and grandmother are, in-depth and quite fantastic.

They have been told since they can remember that the female lineage is one of greatness.

‘You’re descended from the most divine,’ the matriarch’s always told them. ‘We are all blessed, Ann, Deb, you two more than most for you shared one womb. There is a prophesy that, ‘The two who are one shall rise above the miseries of man, and shall be entrusted with hope for all, human and suites.’

Omar would say, ‘You are the prophesied, I feel it in me water.’

This always make Ann and Deb laugh because every week, at the same time, they were told the same exact thing, and they’d keep a straight face through it all. Until they were released from the clutches of the “Greek hands of Doom.”

Once back in their own home, they’d piss themselves laughing. Just knowing Sunday was coming, was enough to make the girls shudder. Don’t get them wrong, they love their family with the ferociousness of a mama bear watching over her cubs, but they always chant a little before going to see them.

The great battle brings their world, and their role in it, into focus.

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