Greek Mythology

Ancient Greek Myths That Turned Out To Be True

These stories from the Greek mythology might have happened thousands of years ago, but you will be surprised to hear that some of them became true in the 21st century. From the most terrifying monsters to gifts from the ancient gods, we now clearly understand what inspired them to write these stories. And this is why today, we are showing you 10 Ancient Greek Myths that Turned Out to be True.

In Ancient Greece, mermaids and sirens had such a beautiful voice that any sailor who would hear it would jump into the water to join them. And hundred years later, people still believe that they saw a woman with a tail in the water. One of them was John Smith, and he claimed that he saw a green-haired woman swimming in the water which was “by no means unattractive.”

Medusa was one of the most terrifying women in Greek Mythology. With snakes on her head, she was so hideous that anyone who looked at her immediately turned to stone. And no, we won’t show you a woman with snakes on her head. But something can actually end your life just by looking at it, and it’s called the Elephant’s Foot.

You’ll have to watch our video to see what it is. Stay tuned to hear more about Ancient Greek myths like cyclops, the Olympics, Icarus, prophecies, the Trojan Horse, Oedipus, Scylla, and music.

What is your favorite story from Greek mythology?

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