Greek Mythology

Amazing Ways the Ancient Greeks Influence Our Lives Today!

Can you believe that an ancient society from such a long time ago still influence us so much today?! Find out all the amazing ways the ancient Greeks influence our lives today!

Here’s how the Ancient Greeks shaped our lives today with some of their inventions!

10 – Alphabets Did you know that we have the Ancient Greeks to thank for the form of different alphabets we use today? Even the word alphabet itself comes from the first two letters of their alphabet – alpha and beta. Although the ancient greeks derived their alphabet from the Phoenician one, theirs was the first alphabet ever that had different letters for both vowels and consonants. Before that, alphabets only had letters for consonants, which isn’t as fun as it might sound to some. The creation of the Greek alphabet inspired the creation of many other alphabets still used today. Of course, languages have evolved and will keep on evolving with time, but the original idea of writing down vowels and consonants hasn’t changed much – which is exactly how we write today. Well, not everyone. You should see how some of my friends text. Sigh.

9 – The shower When I think about hygiene habits of ancient civilizations, I think about soaking in a big tub or maybe a river once in a while or hmm… maybe not soaking at all?! However, it turns out that people in ancient times liked feeling clean as much as we do today. Apparently, standing under waterfalls and washing yourself that way was a major thing back then, which inspired the Ancient Greeks to create showers. Wanting to replicate that waterfall effect many enjoyed, the ancient Greeks came up with this genius idea of using their aqueducts and sewage systems and making their own showers. They first implemented the shower in common areas such as in Gymnasiums or public baths, but later on, they started implementing showers in private houses as well! Now if you’re thinking something along the lines of manually pouring water from big containers or something, let me stop you right there. They actually had real showers, with pumps to bring water in, shower heads mounted higher on the walls, and sewage systems sophisticated enough to let the dirty water out. I’m definitely happy that we have showers in our lifetime, or else things….pretty much would suck big dirty balls…..!!!

8 – Maps Maps have come quite the long way today with the help of GPS and satellite use, meaning that the chances of you getting lost somewhere are minimal. However, have you ever thought about who thought about using maps first? Do I really even need to say this? Yep, it was the ancient Greeks you can thank for coming up with the first maps. Since they did like to make their lives simpler, it’s no wonder they were the first ones to create detailed maps – Anaximander was the one who brought the latitude and longitude into use. He started drawing detailed maps based on latitude and longitude, which of course, meant each thing was shown with its exact location. Anaximander was the first ancient Greek to draw a map of the known world, thus he’s considered by many to be the first mapmaker. The creation of maps greatly influenced the development of astronomy and geography. Before all that, maps were just a bunch of poorly drawn pictures or written instructions. “turn left and keep going, then turn right when you see a large tree on the road” just isn’t quite as helpful as actually seeing where you’ll be headed.

7 – The odometer An odometer is a digital instrument that measures distance in any vehicle, such as in cars or bikes. Did you think you have to thank modern technology for it? Yeah, maybe for the digital ones – but the first odometers ever, which were mechanical, were invented in Ancient Greece.

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