The Alternatives

I am on a second draft of my first full novel, The Alternatives that is part of the Fields of Elysian, series I am writing on the side.

This first novel brings the series into focus with small sections of what could be considered time traveling, but I prefer to call it, ‘World Jumping,’ they seem to be WTF! moments, but in the greater scheme of the series, they are pertinent moments that make you later say, ‘Well fuck me, that’s why that happened. I thought it was pretty random at the time and now I know why!’

I am hoping to complete a full re-draft this week, I have a week off from study, so that I can release it towards the end of September 2017.

Remember when you read it, to watch out for the WTF moments and keep them locked away in your memory for when the first actual book in the series is released next year sometime. The September novel, name to come, is an introduction book if you’d like. It introduces the reader to the world, and creatures, I am creating.

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