Jeffrey Eugenides’ – MiddleSex

I have just completed books 1-4 of Jeffrey Eugenides’ – MiddleSex. It captured me from the first page.

I am only just learning about mosaic sexuality. The way Eugenides weaves his story through the present and past has been so expertly done, that his short story about his future does not jar the reader and pull them out of the tale, instead providing tantalizing snippets of what was to come.

I am learning about mosaic sexuality as part of my PhD project. It’s not a major part of my research but it is essential for my creative component. I do not want to insult anyone in anyway. In fact, if you are interested in the Urban Fantasy story I am Writing, Children of the God, could you please use the contact form to contact me, to correct me when I am wrong?

Eugenides uses a technique in his writing that I occasionally adopt within my own. He transforms characters into objects, but not to objectify.

A story I have been collaborating on involves an emergency hospital scene, where a nurse helping to guide the gurney into the hospital is spray with a minimal amount of red brick dust when the gurney hits the wall next to her. It slightly cracks the brick and she is so close, the red spray on her white uniform makes it prominent. From that point on, I refer to her as, the red brick nurse.

Eugenides refers to his brother as Chapter Eleven, and his teenage crush as The Object amongst others things. He has incest and important historical points in American and spans four-wars. So taken by the story, I understand why it won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

This story took me on a journey through to experience the life of someone born with unnoticeable ambiguous genitalia, as many people do learn about themselves later in life.